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What we do!  

We're based in Melbourne and activate fun spaces for festivals, roller discos, boutique bars and clubs, album launches, children's parties, gallery commissions, and corporate functions.  

Authentic vintage techniques.

Spektraflash are known for their ethereal 'oil wheel' lighting effects and crowd pleasing sensory chambers. 


Imagine a giant lava lamp projected against a wall or building; totally immersive, organic in nature, gently moving colour with a life of it's own.


The oil wheel effects we use are still hand made as they were back in the day in the UK.  This ensures our colour is always fresh and means we can have oil wheels made to order for any occasion.


Our  large format Op Art slides are hand printed for use on our powerful German manufacture overhead projectors, rated at a whopping 12,000 lumen output.       


These combinations  of lighting were a constant in the 60's and 70's for high concept artists including French Go-Go dancers, various fashion houses,  iconic musician's, and any number of Warhol's factory happenings.   

Spektraflash is experienced in transforming challenging environments into one off colour wonderlands.


We've lit a wide variety of events in unconventional spaces.


This is achieved by using an assortment of high output projectors, and stocking a strong inventory of both vintage and bespoke lighting effects.  

Our lighting design and installs are looked after by the same team from beginning to end by creatives who love what they do!

We source our specialist vintage gear from all over the world and use only the best of it.  

Getting started.

Lets have a chat - we want to know all about your special project! 


We'll typically pull some file photos on the venue or you can send us yours, we'll sort a field visit to survey the location; concepts are discussed, refined and agreed upon.

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